The Save My Life Online Weight Loss Program is all about getting back to basics and working out what foods your body reacts well to. We work from the inside out. Our diet plan is specifically designed to reset blood sugar and hormone imbalances and this is why we get the results we do. This allows your body to get the optimum intake of energy, vitamins and minerals in order to nourish your body the best you can. Only when you have done this,  you will have a platform for sustainable weight loss for the future (as well as very fast results!).

Here's a snippet of what you get with your online weight loss membership.

  • Online Access

    You get access to great recipes idea’s, diet plans, workout routines and videos to help you on your journey at a touch of a button!

    Whatever your dietary needs or preference, our Healthy Eating plan will fit perfectly.

  • Closed Facebook Group

    In our opinion the best results come from being with people who are on the same journey as yourself! As part of the program you get access to our closed facebook group. This is where you can share ideas and get 24/7 support from our coaches.

  • Online Coaching

    As part of the program we run online weight loss Q&A’s (question and answer) with our weight loss coaches. This gives you the opportunity to get extra support, answers and solutions to any issues you may be having to help keep you on track!

  • 24/7 Support.

    We understand how vital it is to get support and accountability in order to help you succeed on your weight loss journey. With the our gated closed group and email support, you get 24/7 contact and support from Toby and others who are on a similar journey to yourself!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...These Members Lost The Weight & So Can You!

Sarah Norcott "I achieved an Initial weight loss of 2 stone in 7 weeks and my total loss to date is 4 stone in 20 weeks. I Look and feel fantastic. My body is so much healthier, m family and friends are commenting on how good I am looking., and It has given me my confidence back!" 
Sam "I have made new friendships with people who spur me on. I now box, run, do circuit training and join in with classes that I never would of been seen dead in. Why? Because I can achieve anything with help from others. I’ve learnt I can’t die of embarrassment but you can die of obesity. I have gone from a size 26 to a size 12 yes I say wow every time I see myself."
Punam Sood "After joining the programme, I realised just how nutritionally uneducated I was and that has been one of the biggest changes I have made in my life. I can eat the food I would do on a daily basis with a few changes. I eat out quite regularly and this has just meant that I am more vigilant and use the knowledge I now have when ordering. I no longer consider it a programme but a way of my life. I am now fitter than ever before, feel energetic and less bloated. My confidence and social life has seen a massive surge and I have lost almost 2 stone in 3 months."
Robert Hemsworth "I am living a lifestyle change. I have now lost 3 1/2 stone over the last 3 months, I have so much more energy, more confidence in myself and know that I can live a healthier lifestyle without diets. I have never been as satisfied with eating food as what I have since being on this program, I wish I had this chance 20 years ago. You will not take a better step to changing your life anywhere else!"

It's NOT Just Another Diet, It's A Lifestyle Change!

Our online weight loss plan is highly adaptable to any life style, easy to follow with no points or calorie counting and we even work ‘cheat meals’ into your plan so you can still enjoy the foods you love on a weekly basis.

The Save My Life Online Weight Loss Program is highly adaptable for anyone looking to lose weight – meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. We give you everything you need to stay on track; shopping lists, recipe books and food diaries, not to mention the unlimited support from others who are following exactly the same plan as you both on and off line.

Our eating plan is all about a LIFESTYLE change and if you continue to eat how we tell you to 80% of the time, even if you decide to leave the program, we guarantee you will continue to lose weight and never gain it back again!

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We Help To Keep You On Track.

  • Helpful weight-loss educational videos & tools.
  • Healthy meal plans and recipes ideas.
  • Video workouts to do in the comfort of your home or in a gym environment.
  • Live Q&A's with your online weight loss coach for extra motivation.
  • Secure online members community so you can feel safe and not judged.
  • Love & support from the team and other members and who are on the same journey as you.
  • Live events and workshops, plus much MUCH more....

When Things Get Tough, You're Not Alone.

We offer amazing support, answering questions, a caring community and sharing insights that will pick you up when you need it most.


Start Your 7 Day Free Trial Now!
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